Chico Hydropower Project

ChicoJVCo is a joint venture company created to develop the 150MW-250MW Chico Hydropower Project in pursuit of power generation, distribution and infrastructure. Currently in its initial stages, Prime Power shall undertake the project development, financing and construction, which will then be replicated to similar hydropower development projects.

The 150MW Chico HPP run-of-the-river type plant, located in Bgy. Mabongtot, Lubuagan, Kalinga, consists of a 65-m high RCC dam with 4-bay emergency spillways to pass a PMF equivalent to a 10,000 year flood. The reservoir area is 157 hectares at the full supply level at Elev. 445m. The power intake structure discharges into a 9-kilometer, 7.3m diameter reinforced concrete tunnel and is connected to a steel penstock that discharges into a 2-75MW Francis turbines. Design gross head is 135m with a mean daily discharge of 63.5 cumecs per turbine. Annual energy generation is about 615GWh using a plant factor of 47%. A 23-kilometer transmission line will be built and connected into the existing substation at Tabuk City.