Prime Power’s Menatech-TSI deal eyes engine lease for Iraq’s oil, gas sector

26 March 2021

Basra, Iraq – Prime Metro Power Holdings Corporation (Prime Power), under its wholly owned subsidiary Menatech Energy, has partnered with Technical Solutions to Industry FZE (TSI), to target the engine lease market for the oil and gas sector in Iraq.

The collaboration agreement signed on February 3, 2021 specifically targets flare gas applications for Iraq’s wellhead power needs, including Electric Submersible Pumps and degassing stations.

Under the agreement, Prime Power’s Menatech Energy will lease and operate the equipment and TSI will provide client support including installation and maintenance services.

TSI is an experienced oil and gas service provider active in Iraq oil fields, with specific focus and competencies in flare gas reduction technologies and solutions.

Prime Power is the same group that delivered the Umm Qasr Power Plant (UQPP) currently under operations in Basra Governorate in Iraq. It also owns Prime Power Energy Solutions (PPES), which leases and operates fuel-flexible gas-powered applications that provide a clean and reliable alternative to diesel generator sets, helping reduce flare gas waste.

“Building on our success in launching the Umm Qasr Power Plant in 2020, Prime Power is proud to be at the forefront of innovative power solutions that address the flare gas issue in Iraq. We are pleased to be partnering with TSI on this initiative that will deliver fast and cost effective leasing solutions to oil & gas operators in Iraq,” said Rayan Kassis, Country Director for Iraq.