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A joint venture company created to develop the 175 Megawatt Chico Hydropower project in Lubuagan, Kalinga, Philippines.


Solar Philippines Tarlac Corporation (SPTC) is a 150MWDC Solar PV farm contracted under a 20-year Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) approved Power Supply Agreement (PSA). Energized in 2019, it has currently commissioned 100 Megawatts DC which generates a peak generation of 75AC. At 75 Megawatts, it is capable of providing power for daytime requirements for around 94,000 households (using 300kwh peak). Aside from providing clean energy, this project also helps save close to 65,000 tons of coal per year.

Umm Qasr new3

Iraq’s first fully automated gas-fired power plant equipped with the latest engines and control system.


A next-generation waste-to-fuels company focused on using proven technologies to deliver sustainable aviation fuels.